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I have an innate love of stories. And this is the reason what drew me to photography. I believe storytelling matters—it heals and teaches; it inspires and resolves; it enchants us as well as enlightens us. Since then, this has been a core pillar of my career as a photographer.

The aim of these projects is to reveal universal truths about humanity by sharing real stories of human struggles and their eventual triumph. Through these meaningful stories we see how very different people share the same life experiences and how human nature can transcend culture.


In trying to formulate and crystallise my own mission in life, I often asked myself: What could I do that would in some modest way further the deeds and stories of those who suffered, loved, and hoped. When the answer came, it was an epiphany: I wanted to reach out to anyone and everyone who'd like to engage with me in a common quest to gain a better understanding of ourselves and of human nature—and who shared with me the aspirations of becoming a more empathic person and a more critical and creative philosophical inquirer.

Meet the remarkable people I met and spent time with, listening to endearing, sometimes heartbreaking stories of their love, pain, and hope.

If you wish to share your story of love, hope, or pain, you can get in touch with me here and let's work it out together.

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