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Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Film is not dead.

I grew up shooting film and I still find pleasure shooting with it. I prefer the slow and complicated process. I must admit, I have a deep connection with its unpredictability— it serves as a reminder what it means to make a photograph.

When I moved overseas to work, one of the essentials in my ‘must-haves-in-a-country’ list is a photo lab that supports film photographers. Luckily, in Singapore (where I’m based now as a Creative Director) there is Ruby Photo. I bumped into this oasis for purists in the CBD area while searching for stores that sell films. Yes, I’m not fond of ’googling’ places and addresses. Just imagine the surprise I felt the moment I stepped inside and a shelf full of films willingly presented itself—I giggled like a little child inside a candy store. That’s how excited I am when it comes to this things.

Ruby Photo supports a wide range of film stocks. From Tri-X to Ilfords to ACROS, and in addition, they also develop them for you. Their staff breathes photography day in and day out so you’d know your rolls are in good hands. I process my own negatives, and this guys supply chemicals and the necessary equipments for developing film rolls.

According to Eugene Chan, who runs Ruby Photo, “Film is peaking up again because of digital photography students are now interested in it. They are curious and want to experience how to shoot with film.”

I’m grateful that there are still people supporting film photography. Yes, film is not dead. And, Eugene, together with purist film photographers, can prove that it’s very much alive.


Ruby Photo

3 Coleman St. #01-01/01-02

The Peninsula Hotel Shopping Complex

Singapore 179804

+65 6338 0236

+65 6338 4104

9-2 Jalan Perubatan 4, Pandan Indah

Kuala Lumpur 55100, Malaysia


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