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Updated: Oct 10, 2017

Film photography doesn't need to be complicated, but generally, it has to send a message and invite curiosity.

Please tell us about yourself and a brief story on how you got into film photography?

Dorota: My name is Dorota, I'm 23 and I'm from Poland. I study architecture, and this year I will be moving to Germany for an exchange. I found an old camera in my parents' closet when I was in primary school. I've decided to give it a try and here I am! 10 years after, I'm still shooting film. Of course there was a time when it took me even a year to finish the whole film.

What type of film do you use and what camera do you use it with? Why do you prefer these?

Dorota: I use a Zenit 11 and 35mm film. I started with my parents' old Zenit and then I got a "new" one. I just got used to and don't want to replace them, but I'm open to try new things.

What do you think film has that digital doesn't have?

Dorota: What I like the most are the surprises. You'll never know what you're going to get. You can't just check and do your shot again. I also don't waste too much film for one shot. I usually take it and move on. You need to be patient. But it's fun and magical!

Do you print your own photographs or are you comfortable having them printed in a lab?

Dorota: I send it to a film lab— a trusted one. But I would love to try to develop my film on my own. 

What motivates you to continue making photographs with film?

Dorota: I guess I just like it. I like the effects I get. I like the mystery—which is nearly impossible these days with technology which you can immediately view the photos.

Are there any photographers that influenced your way of making pictures?

Dorota: There is a lot of inspiring and great photographers but I don't have a favourite. I'm sure that after years of shooting, I'll eventually have my own style. My way of photography is easy— I don't think much. I see something worth photographing, I take it. It's supposed to be fun!

Do you see any value shooting with film? 

Dorota: Of course! Like I said, patience. It's hard sometimes to wait for the results but it's worth it. Secondly, it feels to me like a real thing. You need to focus on a moment, find your shot, and choose the settings. It's not like you take hundreds of pictures with your phone then after you delete all the bad ones.

What do you think is the future of film photography?

Dorota: I want it to last forever. But honestly, I think more and more people want to go back to the roots of it and help film photography to gain popularity again.

What’s your dream photography project?

Dorota: I would love to do a photography session with models and characters..

Any good words you want to impart for those who want to try film photography? What must they learn before venturing into this format?

Dorota: At first, learn the basics. Know how your camera works, how to load/unload film, how to set it right.. There will be disappointments along the way. But after that, it's all fun. Just try and do not hesitate too long to take a shot!

According to Dorota, "[These] are not my best set of film photographs, because of slight issues on framing, lighting, and other technical stuff. But it's a part of my journey in film photography, and I still love them all!"

There are many reasons why we love your photography, Dorota. One of which is its ability to convey stories to those that view them.

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Be considerate. All photographs shown on this page are the sole property of Dorota Pillach. She devoted her time and worked hard on these photographs. You are not allowed to copy, download, reproduce, reprint, modify, distribute, publicly display, license, transfer or sell content retrieved from this page in any way, for any public or commercial use or to any commercial source, including other websites, without prior written permission of Dorota Pillach. You don’t want to go to jail, do you?

Well now, if you are a passionate film photographer and would like to be interviewed? I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at with the subject, "Interview me", and share your story, thoughts, and work related to film photography. I’ll get back to you as soon as I receive your request for an interview.

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