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Updated: Oct 7, 2017

Get your hands on a camera, and learn the important basics. You'll develop and grow your skills along the way. After all, we all learn from experience.

Mind telling us about yourself and your story on how you got into film photography?

Rahada: I’m Rahada. I started photography about 14 years ago. Funny, I started digital (when it wasn’t really delivering great quality) and changed to film photography in 2009 and completely gave up on digital in 2013.

I used to have a compact film camera when I was around 9 years old (I'm 33 now) but just for snapshots. But when I was around 17, I focused on arts and with 22 I figured out, that photography was my main interest.

What type of film do you use and what camera do you use it with? Why do you prefer these?

Rahada: For most of my photography, I use a TLR. Specifically a Rolleiflex 2.8E. This is a medium format film camera. It's my favourite camera, because it delivers a crop and format, that is already very close to my original thoughts and images in my head. Of course I use 120mm film. I prefer black and white film as I usually focus on the composition, the depth of field and shape of objects.

What do you think film has that digital doesn't have?

Rahada: Longevity (in reality).

Do you print your own photographs or are you comfortable having them printed in a lab?

Rahada: I am capable of doing black and white prints, but sadly I do not have the needed space for it. Definitely prefer it, but there is a great lab in Berlin, where I live most of the time. Usually I get them printed there. All of my colour film images are printed. Too expensive to do it myself.

What motivates you to continue making photographs with film?

Rahada: Digital is not bad, it represents the (constant) change of the world in the microcosms of photography. But it is just a lot more satisfying to put lots of time and effort into a craft, that results in something you can touch and look at and keep (forever).  

Are there any photographers that influenced your way of making pictures?

Rahada: Sure, I am not crazy about names though. It is the work, that makes me feel inspired. I absolutely love the photography of the early 20th century till the 1960’s. In particular photography (and motion pictures) of the 20’s-40’s.

Do you see any value or merit shooting with film? 

Rahada: It’s a challenge, maybe more than digital photography. Every challenge will make you grow and learn and train your skill of standing up for something you care about. I deeply care about analogue photography, the craftsmanship, everything it had an impact on already. It is at least as valuable now that it has become a niche as it was back in the days without the digital competition.

What do you think is the future of film photography?

Rahada: I have no clue. My future with it will be great :D

What’s your dream photography project?

Rahada: Well, all my projects that come from dreams and fantasies that are difficult to do for financial reasons. I’m looking forward to do these projects.

Would you like to offer some good words to those who want to try film photography for the first time? What must they learn before venturing into this format?

Rahada: You learn it when you do it. If the first 2 film rolls make you feel excited, do more. I don’t think it is the goal to achieve in photography, it is not better or worse than digital. It is just different and more pricey, especially at the beginning.

Like every photographer, the learning continues. It will never end. This learning practise helps Rahada to hone his craft as well as efficiently work on his projects.

Rahada runs his own website and usually on Instagram. Do catch his work and his friend Dagan on the next issue of STOP magazine.


Be considerate. All photographs shown on this page are the sole property of Rahada Mohghom. He devoted his time and worked hard on these photographs. You are not allowed to copy, download, reproduce, reprint, modify, distribute, publicly display, license, transfer or sell content retrieved from this page in any way, for any public or commercial use or to any commercial source, including other websites, without prior written permission of Rahada Mohghom. You don’t want to go to jail, do you?

Well now, if you are a passionate film photographer and would like to be interviewed? I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at with the subject, "Interview me", and share your story, thoughts, and work related to film photography. I’ll get back to you as soon as I receive your request for an interview.

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