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Limitations Squeeze Out The Creativity In Us

“Be creative and work around the limitations.” An advice I share with those who often ask whether using different types of lenses, or using a camera with higher megapixel counts will improve skills. It’s not the tool, it’s what we photograph. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a cheap point and shoot camera or a toy one, what matters is the story conveyed in a photograph.

As photographers, being concerned with building our craft and taking photos we believe in are essential than owning the best camera. Limitations strengthens our creative muscles.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out in photography, research on the type of camera that will fit your budget. Remember, you will invest on a tool that may not even have a “return of investment”. Sad but it’s true (especially if you're not earning a living from this).

A good friend once quipped, “To exist, art needs an artist. Not the tools.”

(Above picture is my trusty 1970 Konica rangefinder. I picked this up in a flea market for USD20. It's cheap, it's a film camera, and it works well.)

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