On Annotating Prints

The print is the culmination of the long process that begins when you first frame the subject in the viewfinder, and it's worth taking GREAT PAINS to achieve the finest quality you can. Remember, people judge the photograph by print, as well as the original idea.

Cart, Philippines 2017 - printing annotations

No one will appreciate the subtle gradations of light if the print is muddy and flat. Aim to achieve good deep blacks and brilliant whites at the first step. Then go on to fill in all the subtle mid tones.

The photograph above was the first attempt in printing. The dark, muddy middle part simply ruins the entire print. The circles and lines you see show ways for burning and dodging the photograph under the enlarger, with numbers throughout the image to note different exposure times.

The final print result.

Above is the acceptable final result with all annotations applied.



DODGING - is a darkroom process of covering over part of the light hitting the photo paper.

BURNING - is process that only allows light into one area of the image to increase the exposure time.


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