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At Home In The Streets

I walked the streets of my adopted city in pursuit of capturing other people’s solitary moments. Comfortable in my loneliness, I believe that this is an essential part of the creative process. Being alone equips me to easily zero-in on other lone figures. It was Jean-Paul Sartre who said, "hell is other people." and I share the same existentialist view and express this through my photographs.

With these instances caught from a distance – like that of the child standing along the banks of the river, resulted to a breadth of space surrounding each subject. By which I effectively quantifies how much space each one of us essentially needs and yearns for. Taking these photos from a distance also emphasised how much I, as a spectator, respect their privacy.

But in all of this captured solitary moments, do my subjects abhor or revel in their solitude? Are they happy? Are they scared? No one knows except the subject themselves. Look at the lone man walking up the stairs. Is he at peace to be going through this journey alone, or is he yearning for someone at his side for the rest of the way? That’s where the mystery lies.

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