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Denise Iroy

Melvin’s love for art and life can very well be seen in his photography. the way he captures real moments and real people through his photos is inspiring and thought-provoking. All you need to do is look at his photos, you’ll know what i mean.


Mambo Ferido

His work is an inspiration to many. Been following his photographs and documentary for quite a while now!


Julie Batula

What I appreciate the most about Melvin's passion for photography is how he shares other photographers' point of view, experiences, and advice through his website. Always worth looking forward to. Keep it up, Melvin!


Rob Davies

Mel is a dedicated, hard working Art Director who can turn his hand to a wide range of mediums. He was central to our agency winning Marketing Magazine's Gold award for 'Excellence in Integrated Marketing'


Richard Ramos

Mel has excellent ideas in conceptualising for our projects. He has a clear ability to communicate ideas and work with others including me. Stay cool man! Cheers :)


Curiaq Joseph

As a photographer, Melvin has that rare ability to create pictures that tell a story. That draw you in, unexpectedly, and leave you wanting more.


Shirley Tan

Melvin’s photographs tell the stories that you may have missed along the way, when you find yourself lost in the white noise of everyday.


Max Santiago

I believe Melvin is an excellent photographer. Don't just take my word for it. Look at his photos and you'll see what I mean.


Kevin Ong

Melvin, is a hard-working Creative Director and knows how to get the work done effectively. He worked with the team closely and was an inspiration for them.


Carol Ong

Melvin has a good eye for art direction, and one of the most interesting and intriguing persons I've worked with.

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