I love exploring places and meeting remarkable people around the globe. I don’t think there was a time when I wasn’t dreaming about exploring a new place. For me, each is a new adventure to experience, new knowledge to learn, and new memories to share. I love everything about travelling, particularly the amazing people I meet. That’s why I take more photographs of the local people, together with their small community, instead of the usual tourist spots. Because they are the ones who make my travels more meaningful, interesting, and unforgettable.

I asked some of my fellow travellers from around the world on why they love to travel:

“I travel because I believe it’s a catalyst for enrichment: it forces me out of my comfort zones, challenges my personal views & beliefs, and most importantly – it allows me to learn more about the world, the diverse cultures & customs in various destinations, and the locals and the lives they lead that are so different from mine. It expands my mind, offers me a better understanding of humanity, and amplifies my sense of wonder and appreciation of the world around us."

— Julette Alon/ International Woman of Mystery, Avid Traveller 


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